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The project acceptance inspection of Home-School Publicity

Author: Time:2019-03-20

10 AM, 19thMarch, Cuiying HonorsCollege held the reply meeting at conference room 806. Haung Haifeng, secretary of the party committee; Shang Sheng, vice secretary of the party committee, LI Zhaojun, instructor of CHC; Yang Jiaxin, teaching secretary of CHC attended the meeting as judge juries. Three principles managed there replying ceremony.

They presented their project information via PowerPoint in the order of sortilege. They suggested that thanks to this activity, many students and their parents had a deeper view of Lanzhou University. At the same time, our fellows gained ability of communication and disseminate.

Judges marked the projects by evaluating their preparation, operations and effects.

(Translated byYang Guokun; edited by Du Yanxia)

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