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Sharing sports fun, with the best talents

Author: Time:2019-05-14

Sharing sports fun, with the best talents

Recently,Lanzhou University Cuiying College has held spring sports meeting together with the School of Mathematics and Statistics, the College of Physics and Technology, the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, the College of Life Sciences and the School of History and Culture. Students participated inthe team from the Mathematics Class, the Physics Class, the Chemistry Class, the Bio-Collection class and theLiteratureClass.

Cuiying Honors College attaches great importance to the comprehensive influence of sports on the allround development of top-notch students. Co-organizing sports games with relevant colleges not onlypromotes the communication between Cuiying students and their students, but also enhances their sense ofbelongingandcollectivehonor.It also reflects the initial wishes of Cuiying Honors College and all relevant colleges to cultivate top talents. Furthermore, spirits from the important speech of President Xi at the National Education Conference could be emphasized in this way that enjoying the fun in physical exercise, enhancing physical fitness, improving personality, tempering will, they would be fully developed into socialist builde-rs with great performance in moral,intelligence,artandsoon.

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