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​CHC's team won the Inter-School Tennis LeagueChampionship

Author: Time:2019-05-10

CHC's team won the Inter-School Tennis LeagueChampionship

On April 14th,2019,the CHC(Cuiying Honors College)'s team won the first prize in the Inter-school Tennis League! The Inter-school Tennis League kicked off at the tennis court in YuZhong District,Lanzhou University. Qu Yongquan,Zhang Zhenghao(CHC grade 2015), Chen Zhenyu, Zhao Mengyuan, Ni Tingting(CHC grade 2016), andFan Jiangcheng(CHC grade 2017) participated in the competition. The CHC's team won the championship after three rounds of fierce knockouts with excellent performance in three consecutive games.

Splendid results need plenty of practice.Cuiying Honors College always insists such fundamentals that students should be equipped with all-round development of morality,intelligence,artandwork.Especially, they are encouraged to pay great at tention to physical fitness.One would be a top student here in company with one permanent sportshobby.


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