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A distinguished dormitory room with four excellent undergraduate students

Author: Time:2019-06-17

In another graduate season, four boys are busy packing their luggage at room 312, Dormitory No.5 in Lanzhou University. After bidding farewell to each other, they are going to leave for further education at Peking University, Tsinghua University, or The University of Hong Kong. This is a bit different from students in other dorm rooms.

Chunbo Zhao from chemistry class in Cuiying Honors College, is widely accepted for being active, enthusiastic and helpful. He will go further in Chemistry at Peking University.

Dongfang Li is not only stable, but also have persistence andperseverance, which might be the reason why he got the chance to pursue graduate study at The University of Hong Kong.

The humors boy Xu Jin refuses to stick to trifles, but he always knows what he wants and he needs to do in the next step. Then, he will be a graduate student in The University of Hong Kong in this autumn.

Yi Zhang, who shares the same major with Xu Jin——Biology, was recommended for admission to Tsinghua University.

(Translated by Wang Jingting ;edited by Gui Shanquan)

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