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Green arena, youth has no limits

Author: Time:2019-05-13

Lanzhou University's 2019 Student Sports Games, a total of 99 athletes signed up for the competition, 84 students participated in the phalanx performance, with the enthusiasm and vitality of the students to present a special gift for the 110th birthday of Lanzhou University.

During the competition, the Cuiying Honors College players struggled hard, like the arrow of the string on the field, fully revealing the spirit of youth, struggle, liveliness and health, showing the students of Cuiying Honors College. The audience is also full of momentum, every time there are athletes on the track, shouting, cheering. This sound seems to be an invisible force that inspires athletes to work hard.

At this sports meeting, Cuiying students struggled and bravely surpassed and achieved remarkable results. Among them, the classmates of the 2017 class physics class, Ma Rou, took the sixth place in the women's 400-meter hurdle, and the tennis team of our institute won the championship of the tennis match.

(Translated by Bai Shanzu; edited by Gui Shanquan)

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