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Summer in Berkeley---Fan Jiangcheng & Zhou Jiahe

Author: Time:2019-07-19

Timeflies, a third of the Berkeley Summer Session has passed by, and I am able to share some of my feelings about being here.

First is about study, I take part in the Session D for only 6 weeks, and the number of courses I can choose is small but enough. Focus on introduction and time of the course, and choose the ones you are interested in, choose the ones with the same day as much as possible. Thus, you could not only reduce pressure of study, but also make more time to experience the local conditions and customs of the United States of America. Teachers here are full of enthusiasm in class, and it is spontaneous to feel that they love the things they are engaged in. The professor of Behavioral Finance is also a shareholder. After explaining complex financial models, he adjusted classroom atmosphere with interesting facts or stories about his own investment. Another teacher taught me Stress and Coping in the form of lectures, where he gave lectures in clear and fluent language with reasonable structure in order to present psychological contents. Students in Berkeley are friendly. If you don't understand something in class, you can ask your classmates around you, and they are willing to tell you patiently. In addition, Berkeley has many libraries, Moffitt in modern style and Doe in classic style, etc. Dormitory buildings also have study lounges on odd number floor, so don't worry about having no peaceful place to complete your tasks.

Second is about life. The canteen, called Crossroads, is not far from the dormitory buildings and it offers all-you-can-eat buffet from morning to night. If you cannot get used to American food, there are nearby restaurants where you can enjoy Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Mexican food. Walgreens in the south of the school and Target in the west are relatively large supermarkets, where you can pick up snacks and fruits, as well as daily necessities. If you have a strong desire to go shopping, you can take an Uber taxi to the Livermore Premium Outlets just 50km away. In terms of safety, the living environment will not be so complicated if you remember to stay away from the People's Park and not to go out at night as instructed by teacher.

Finally, the trip. I went to San Francisco by subway in the first week. When we got out of the subway station, we were shocked by this big city in the United States of America. As San Francisco is so vast that we visited less than half, the fisherman's wharf, the Ghirardelli square, the Lombard Street, the Chinatown, and the Union Square. Next time we're going to explore the other.

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