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The life in Berkeley---Li Qifan

Author: Time:2019-07-23

Now, I am staying for UC Berkeley for almost three weeks. For me, well, it is a really fascinating, amazing and very very cool experience. I would not write so long because I am lazy and also prepare for the mid-term.

Until now, I am very satisfied about the life I live now and looking forward to the next year in Berkeley. (I also apply for summer and fall here)

There are some reasons why I really love this place.

Firstly, It mainly about the course. The difficulty of most course here is much more difficult than course than our university. It means that you must pay more efforts to learn this course. Also, you can learn more from this process. For example, the Berkeley open three courses.

lCS 61A The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

lCS 61B Data Structures and Programming Methodology

lCS 61C Machine Structures

Each only account for 4 units, but the homework and lab work is so arduous that some students say who choose 61A and 61B at same semester would definitely fail in one course. Also, some students say after learning the three courses you could be a software engineer. I would say CS61A (4 units) here may equal to 16 units in our university in terms of workload. In my experience, when I face the final exams in our country, I can use the last three weeks and do a lot of problems and then get 90+. So, now I feel really excited and happy to challenge these difficult courses. Hard but beneficial.

Secondly, I want to mention the atmosphere here. I really love the atmosphere too. It is very attractive for me. In the past, Berkeley has initiated the movement of freedom speech. Until now, it has a really huge impact on the campus. Students often have a speech about any topics. Besides Berkeley has huge diversified community. People with different colors, gender, national origin, sexual orientation and gender identity has gathered here. Berkeley tries to create an equal and free atmosphere, and everyone are entitled the same exact right to express herself/himself. Some days ago, I talked with two students in Berkeley about many topics, US constitution amendment, Civil Rights Act, the religion and belief. To be honest, I like this feeling and for me I think it is really important for a university.

In all, Berkeley is really a fascinating and amazing place. It satisfied all the imagination I have about US campus life almost everywhere. For me I think I made a right choice.

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