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One day in Albany---Dai Yi

Author: Time:2019-08-28

“Thank you so!”

“Have a good day.”

On the bus in Bay Area, this sort of conversation is quire common.

I think it is a great adventure to go to the film festival by myself, and it is! The day before I went to Albany, I was browsing the films posted in the website, and I found that the introduction to the filmAbeis interesting! I love the topic that is based on true story and closed to our daily life. By the way, at first I did not know how to pronounce the nameAbe, and I thought that it was a Japanese name (Japanese prime minister’s name is Shinzo Abe). Searching on Google I knew that it is the short of Abraham. Having seen more introductions to this movie, I felt rather interested in it, so I bought the ticket online and got prepared to go to Albany.

I experienced the film screening in the beautiful seaside town Albany. The theme of the movieAbeis about family and religious problems in today’s life, in which a boy who has a dream to be a great cook but experienced a lot of obstacles because the religious problems in his family.

People were really crazy about the Jewish Film Festival! The line was so long and the cinema was full. It took me a lot of time to finally get a seat, but, I could only find the seat in the corner :( . After the movie began, people were all focusing on the plot of the movie, and laughed when the joke designed in the movie came (opposed to the condition in China, some people are just emotionless when watching films, being so serious as they are forced to watch the movie)

I did enjoy the event a lot! It is not only because of the wonderful film, but also the wonderful people I met in the Jewish Film Festival. Upon I went to the cinema, I found something went wrong because I was informed that I only bought the ticket for the feast, not for the movie! I have to wait in the rush line to see if extra tick might be provided by other people. While waiting in the rush line, a nice lady in front of me chatted with me so friendly, and she told me how the cinema works and I should wait in the ticket-line when I got a ticket. After a while, a kind old lady came to me and sold me the ticket. I paid her 15$ but afterwards I found that the ticket was including the movie and the feast whose original price is 35$! The lady in front of me said that she was so kind and probably she knew that I was a student so she sold me the ticket merely in the movie-price. I feel that people going to see the Festival are all friendly. I love those lovely people a lot!

I really feel that the people living in Bay Area is so eager to participate in the various events. And the atmosphere in the event is great that everyone participates in the event as equal individuals, I mean, even though there are few Asian people in the event, other people just treat me as if I am a Jewish person, without prejudice. Nowadays people in China are still somewhat unwilling to accept people from other cultures, and I think that this should be changed, that we need to be open to different cultures and different races.

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