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CHC won the Second Prize

Author: Time:2019-10-02

Cuiying Honors College won the second prize of the "Singing a Song with Teachers and Students " Singing Competition

At 7:00 pm on September 29th,to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the " Singing a Song with Teachers and Students " singing competition was held by Lanzhou University in the auditorium of the University Student Activity Center of the Chengguan Campus. Nearly 100 teachers and students of Cuiying Honors College participated in the competition. Through the fierce competition in the preliminary competition, they finally entered the finals with the fifth place and won the second prize.

When the Choir of the Cuiying Honors College came on stage, the audience from the Cuiying Honors College sincerely shouted “Cuiying Honors College wishes the motherland happy birthday!”, the teachers and students dressed in formalities entered the stage guided by the conductor.

Along with the melodious and crisp piano accompaniment, the teachers and students on the stage sang "The Motherland, the Kind Mother" with deep affection, paying tribute to the great motherland. At the end of the song, accompanied by a deep chant, the students slowly took out the red candle and expressed their heartfelt heart for the motherland.

Then, under the leadership of Zhu Kun, a student from 2018 biology class, all the teachers and students enthusiastically swear: "Do not forget the initial heart, remember the mission, follow the Communist Party, build the Great China!"

The second song was "Under the Bright Sun", and while singing, everyone deeply recalledthe history of the Chinese Communist Party leading the people of the country and praised the great achievements of the motherland.

The rehearsal of the chorus competition lasted for more than a month. The chorus players were mostly undergraduate students. They were full of vigor and vitality. The teachers and the students worked hard together, sang together, and during the practice, teachers got close contact with the students. The competition enhance the friendship of teachers and students. On the occasion of the motherland's 70th birthday, the activities have enhanced the cohesiveness and collective consciousness of teachers and students, and inspired everyone's strong patriotic enthusiasm, national identity and sacred sense of mission. Seventy years of hard work, seventy years of brilliant, wish the great motherland prosperity!

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