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The successful hold of CPR first aid training

Author: Time:2019-11-27

From November 10th to 24th, in order to improve students' awareness of cherishing life and master the basic knowledge and skills of first aid, Cuiying Honors College invited Lanzhou Red Cross medical staff to carry out CPR training for the students. Teachers and students of Cuiying Honors College participated in this training through voluntary registration.

Training activities were held in classroom 813, Guanyun Building. The two doctors of the Lanzhou Red Cross introduced the important role of the Red Cross to the students, and taught the students a lot of knowledge and demonstration methods of first aid.

Later, the students participated in the practical examination of trauma management and the theoretical examination of first aid knowledge, and all passed successfully, becoming one of the glorious Red Cross ambulancemen.

Through this activity, students learned about the important role of emergency ambulance in daily life, mastered the basic ambulance theory and practical skills, and were able to take the initiative to help others under the premise of ensuring their own safety when responding to emergencies. Reach out and try to be a useful person for society. Students expressed that they will cherish life and embrace a better life in the future.

(Transalted by:Tang Yao; proofread by Du Yanxia)

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