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Successful hold of a Keynote Speech Contest

Author: Time:2019-12-10

On the evening of December 8, the speech contest was successfully held in the classroom 813 of Guanyun Building. 23 students from different majors participated in the speech contest.

The event was conducted in an impromptu manner, and contestants were drawn by lot to choose the topic and appearance order. After the draw, each player has 15 minutes to prepare. The students gave wonderful impromptu lectures on thirteen topics prepared in advance. The activity guides everyone to think rationally, treats the issues around them correctly, helps everyone to establish the correct world outlook, outlook on life, values, stimulates the patriotic enthusiasm and family feelings of the students, and promotes students' moral, intellectual, and physical beauty. Comprehensive development.

During the activity, the classmates continued to make wonderful words and frequent sentences. The judges scored and commented on the performance of the students. After more than two hours of intense competition, Zhang Jingzhou from the 2018 Humanities Class finally won the first prize.

(Translated by:Tang Yao; proofread by:Du Yanxia)

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