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Cuiying Honors College video called students and concerned about their study and life

Author: Time:2020-03-06

In order to understand the health of students and their study and living, responding students'problems about online or offline learning during the epidemic prevention and control period.On March 5th, the faculty of Cuiying Honors college and 266 students held a video conference on line.The activity is chaired by Shang Sheng.

Shang Sheng first conveyed to the students the school's relevant requirements on the epidemic prevention and control work and the arrangement of the school during the extension of the school term, and expressed his condolences to the students. Students are required to rationally face the epidemic situation, as far as possible to avoid going out, reduce gathering activities, and protect their safety. Students should correct the mentality, make reasonable work schedule, built a strong body and carry out online and offline learning activities.

Wang Yongren, vice President of the college, conveyed the requirements of online teaching and graduation thesis during the delayed opening period. He encourages students to give feedback on online learning and make suggestions so that the school can timely adjust and improve relevant teaching activities. Students are required to attach importance to the graduation thesis work and overcome difficulties to complete the paper on time with high quality. Students are advised to swim upstream in difficulties and take high-quality courses to improve themselves.

Teachers Fang Yan, Du Yanxia, Li Zhaojun, Yang Jiaxin and Cheng Rong answered the questions about students'work, education, teaching, graduation thesis, International exchange learning from students. They understood students'study and life and spread the knowledge about disease prevention and control.

On the National day of learning Lei Feng, the college requires student party members to give full play to their pioneering and exemplary role, and calls on all students to carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng and make contributions to epidemic prevention and control in various forms.



(Translated by Shi Zhan;edited by Du Yanxia)

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