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​The Students' Academic Career Planning Sharing Meeting of "Academic Week" was Held in Cuiying Honor College

Author: Time:2020-08-31

The Students' Academic Career Planning Sharing Meeting of "Academic Week" was Held in Cuiying Honors College

On the afternoon of August 31, 2020, Cuiying Honors College held a sharing meeting on academic career planning. Twelve academic tutors and 256 students participated in the sharing meeting, including professors Wang Zhicheng and Liu duchao in mathematics, Zhou Jinyuan and Wang Jianbo in physics, Bu Weifeng in chemistry, Cong peihao, Li Bo and Dong Shouliang in biology, Wu jiongjiong, Nie Chengjun, Zhang Shanqing, Wei Hongyuan in humanity.256 students attended the sharing meeting. 45 students from 5 majors and 3 grades exchanged and shared their university planning, growth harvest, and mental experience.

This sharing meeting of academic career planning, through the interaction of students of different grades, shared their own academic planning. Through mutual learning and mutual learning, they helped themselves to position themselves, clarify their goals, and do a good job in future planning. The 2017 students focused on their own scientific research achievements since the University. The 2018 students focused on their sophomore year's mental journey, while the 2019 students focused on their future prospects and planning in Cuiying Honor College. The sharing of the speakers inspired us deeply. Students at all levels also broke the barriers and actively asked questions, and gained valuable experience.


The academic tutors introduced the characteristics and development prospects of the major to the students, and encouraged them to think about their academic career planning with a long-term perspective, lay a good foundation of the discipline and attach importance to the cultivation of their ability while looking for their own academic direction. In the specific planning, the teacher emphasized the two aspects of English level and project topic, which pointed out the direction for students' future study and research planning. For the setbacks that students encounter in their study and life, the teachers encourage them to face the challenges with a positive attitude and a never-ending attitude. Students have gained a lot in the process of sharing, asking questions and listening to their tutors.


The sharing meeting of academic career planning is one of the series activities of "academic" week of Cuiying Honors College. It plays a positive role in building an academic exchange platform between teachers and students, activating the academic atmosphere of the college and stimulating students' interest in scientific research.

(Translated by Fu Yin,Proofread by Yang Jieyin)

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