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The teachers of Cuiying Honors College visited students'dormitories and expressed their concern to students

Author: Time:2020-09-01

On 30th of August, 2020, Ms. Huang Haifeng,Li Zhaojun, Wu Tingyue came to the dormitories of Cuiying Honors College and had a general greeting with them, talking about the case of study and living conditions with students from three grades.

Ms. Huang Haifeng had a close sight of what they've done and how they felt all the way to the school, with the wish that all of them can adjust themselves into the new term. Teachers enjoined that it is of significance to clear up the dormitory and spare more space, which finally could make a cozy home.

Besides, students had profound communications with teachers about the study life and the arrangement of classes. All of them expressed the idea that they would adapt the fresh life here as soon as possible.

At the right beginning of the new semester, teachers strengthened the ties between students and themselves by such visits into the dormitory.



(Translated by Bian Yujing, proofread by He Yipeng and Li Shuowen.)

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