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Step Down to Earth. Look up to the Stars

Author: Time:2020-07-13

"Stories belong to others, but life is our own.". Zhou Hu Mian, the protagonist of this issue, was recommended to Peking University quantum Materials Center for direct study. He is an outstanding student cadre and director of culture, entertainment and Sports Department of Cuiying Honors College. At present, he has been responsible for and completed a project of Cuiying fund. He has won the national inspirational scholarship, Yan Jici class scholarship of the Institute of physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the honorary title of excellent student pacesetter. He went to Georgia State University and Institute of physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Talking about his learning experience in Cuiying class, Zhou Hu Mian was deeply impressed by the TOEFL test. One of the conditions for Cuiying Honors College to obtain the qualification is to have a TOEFL score of 75 (or IELTS score of 6.0). Zhou Hu Mian recalled: "my English foundation is not good, the TOEFL test for me is more difficult,

So I planned to be able to take the TOEFL exam early, but it didn't work out as expected. Procrastination is one of my major shortcomings, which leads me to take the TOEFL exam in the next semester of my junior year. " Due to the need to prepare for TOEFL and summer camp at the same time, time is very tight, this process is also relatively "uncomfortable" for Zhou Hu Mian. He gets up early every day to recite words, practice oral English, watch videos and learn to write. Sometimes he even has insomnia at night. "In the end, TOEFL passed the college line with 77 points, which was very lucky. Some students missed the opportunity because they didn't pass English."


Zhou Hu Mian suggested from his own experience that "Procrastination is a common problem of college students, but procrastination will only make you in a hurry at the deadline."


As for learning and scientific research, Zhou Hu Mian said: "we should be down-to-earth in our study. There is a big difference between working hard and not working hard. Scientific research needs independent thinking, and can't rely entirely on mentors. "

(Translated by Fu Yin;proofread by Yang Jieyin.)

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