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Summer semester in 2020

Author: Time:2020-08-21

On August 14, a four-week summer schoolof Cuiying Honors College ended up completely.In thesummer schoolthis year, Cuiying Honors College set up 8 academic classes, 1 English class, 1 practical class and 8 academic lectures in total.Due to the influence of the outbreak, all classes and lectureswere heldonline, andwere accessibleto the whole school.

With the help ofsome relevant college,Cuiying Honors College invited 9 professional scholars from Fudan University, Nanjing University, ShanghaiJiao Tong University, Xian Jiao Tong University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Research Institute of Chemistry and Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences in Dalian, etc. And we invited 4 foreign academic experts fromRutgers University, the University of Alabama in the USA, Kyushu University in Japan and Nanyang Technological University in Republic of Singapore to set up courses and lectures with Anthony Que who works as the foreign language teacher in our school.


Combinatorial Mathematics: Symmetric Function and Treeheld online by Prof. Guo Li from Rutgers University

“Prof. Guo Li introduced Rota-Baxter algebra in detail including knowledge about symmetric function, Hopf algebra and root tree, telling us many advanced research achievement, which not only broadened our horizon but also improved our academical ability. I thank him for instructing deeply and solving our problems!”

                                                         ——Hu Na in Cuiying Maths Class of Grade 2019


Multi-scale Model, Algorithm and Analysisheld online by Ming Pingbing from Institute of Maths and Systematic Science of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Multi-scale Model, Algorithm and Analysistaught by Mr. Ming made us know a lot about advanced research. For example, we knew that multi-scale maths could be applied to material deeply after his introduction, and we improved our learning ability a lot.”—— Han Tianning in Cuiying Maths Class of Grade 2019


Online course calledMagnetism and Magnetic RecordingbyProf. Takao Suzuki from the University of Alabama


Online course calledExperimental Physicsby Prof. Kimura Takashi from Kyushu University in Japan

“The two courses are taught by English and a bit hard for us. But we students didn’t give up. Instead, we listened carefully and deeply and we thought a lot and ask for answers actively. With the course going, we finally grasped the meaning the teachers conveyed. Moreover, we have learned a lot about knowledge we never heard and had an idea how foreign teachers hold their classes and their teaching style. We can communicate with them easily. The summer school helped us learn bravely and actively.”—— Li Shuowen in Cuiying Physics Class of Grade 2019


Photocatalytic Translation Scienceby Li Can academician from Lanzhou University and Research Institute of Chemistry and Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences in Dalian


Online course calledAdvanced Synthetic Chemistryby Prof. Shi Zhangjie from Fudan University

“The summer school brought us not only knowledge but also something new in mind. Knowing that we had just finished our freshman year, Mr.Li spared 20 minutes for us every lessons to solve our problems and make knowledge easy to understand, which helped us a lot. The summer school enriched our knowledge, broaden our horizon and inspired us greatly! ”—— Ma Kexing in Cuiying Chemistry Class of Grade 2019


Chinese Philosophy and Research Methodsby Prof. Du Baorui from Shanghai Jiao Tong University

“In the course calledChinese Philosophy and Research Methods, Prof. Du Baorui taught us both basic knowledge and construction of Chinese philosophy to find methods in research as well as the responsibility as a tester, a witness and a dreamer.”—— Wen Xin in Cuiying Humanities Class of Grade 2019


Online course calledTraditional Chinese Natural Historyby Prof. Yu Xin from Fudan University

Traditional Chinese Natural Historyis pretty interesting, Prof. Yu helped us learn the deep significance of natural history and its humanity meaning with abundant data. Though the course ended, we have just begun to set sail.”—— Fu Yin in Cuiying Humanities Class of Grade 2019


Online course calledEnglish(Speaking and Listening)by Anthony Que as a foreign teacher

“The teacher could teach every student according to his characteristic with suitable beats orally to make sure every students involved in the class.”“ What the teacher taught is never limited to a certain zone, they can be colorful instead and arouse our self-expression a lot.”“He always share his experiences and his situation to help us learn more about studying abroad.”—— Students from all classes in Cuiying Honor College


Study outside in the wild for Biology students in Cuiying Honors College of Grade 2019

“We get accessible to academic research primarily and know more about our academic situations. This is our first time to get professional data by ourselves, which helps our research in the future a lot.”—— Dong Xiaonan in Cuiying Biology Class of Grade 2019

The summer school held by Cuiying Honors College plays an important role in sorting out and educating excellent students. It sticks on the basic task of education, inviting knowledgeable teachers from China and foreign countries to set up lectures and courses in order to enhance the foundation and broaden students’ horizon to promote students’ self-learning ability and their goals to develop freely.

(Translated by Zhang Jingzhou;Zhang Zilong)

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