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Cuiying Honors College, 2020 summer school is starting

Author: Time:2020-07-21

On the morning of July 19, 2020 summer school opening ceremony and welcome meeting of 2019 students was held in the lecture hall of Yifu Science Museum in city campus. Pro Vice President, Executive Dean, Prof. He Deyan, CPC General Secretary of Cuiying Honors College MS. Huang Haifeng, Professor Jia Chenglong, academic tutors of grade 2019, Professor Bu Weifeng, Professor Dong Shouliang and Professor Zhang Shanqing, all staff and pre-enrolled students of grade 2019 of Cuiying Honors College attended the conference. The meeting was presided over by Shang Sheng, CPC vice Secretary of Cuiying Honors College.

He Deyan introduced the basics of Cuiying Honors College in the speech and expressed three hopes to the 2019 students. First, stick to our beginner’s mind, pursue excellence and strengthen our mission. And we should strengthen our ideals and briefs, combine our life value with the national rejuvenation. Second, we not only need to be down-to-earth, but also should be brave enough to innovate. And carry forward the spirit of struggle, with an open mind and the courage to accept challenges. Third, strengthen our moral cultivation, cherish opportunities, always be grateful, and try to manage our own energy and time, to master the intensity and rhythm of learning.


He Deyan presented the appointment letter to Professor Jia Chenglong of School of Physical Science and Technology College, Professor Bu Weifeng of College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Professor Dong Shouliang of School of Life Science, and Professor Zhang Shanqing of School of History and Culture.

Academic tutor representative Professor Zhang Shanqing expressed his congratulations to the students and thanks for college’s trust. And he hopes that He hoped that the students would start from being a good person, start from improving their personality, have lofty aspirations, be down-to-earth, be optimistic, and have a healthy and fulling life. Yang Xie and Huang Xiaodi of 2017 grade biology Cuiying class and 2019 chemistry Cuiying class respectively spoke as representatives of students and freshmen.

As the main content of entrance education, Huang Haifeng gave a vivid ideological and political lesson to the students on the topic of "having faith in your mind, then you can go far.” She asked the students to firmly uphold the socialist ideal and belief, establish the lofty ideal of dedicating themselves to basic subjects, love the great motherland, and cultivate patriotism. And she hoped that the students will bravely shoulder the responsibility of the times, forge ahead bravely, develop excellent skills, temper moral cultivation, and pay attention to ideological security. Students were also encouraged to learn from the older generation of scientists, and become the leading talents in the field of basic disciplines in the future, and serve the motherland with practical actions.


Shang Sheng introduced the work of the college's students, and Wang Yongren, vice Dean introduced the arrangement of summer primary school, teaching work and international exchange of students.

The summer Primary School of Cuiying Honors College in 2020 started on July 18 and ended on August 14. The students of grade 2019 Cuiying class participated in the summer school courses and lectures organized by Cuiying Honors college. There were 9 professional courses and 8 academic lectures. All of them were online learning and open to the whole school. Students of grade 2017 and grade 2018 could choose to participate in the courses organized by Cuiying Honors College, or to participate in activities such as social practice, scientific research training, summer schools and summer camps in other colleges and universities. Students who go out to participate in the activities must be approved by the college, do a good job in personal epidemic prevention, and are not allowed to go abroad and areas with medium or high risk of epidemic situation.

(Translated by Lai Baojun, proofread by Jia Shengyi)

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