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Cuiying Honors College Launching Security Education Activities to Prevent Online Fraud

Author: Time:2020-10-19

All the students in 14 classes of the college's 2019, 2018, and 2017 grades participated in this education and learning activity through various methods, and the awareness of preventing online fraud penetrated into the hearts of students.


On October 15 and 17, the Mathematics and the Biology Class held an education class meeting with the theme of ‘Preventing Fraud’ respectively. At the meeting, everyone collectively watched the video of the "Anti-fraud Propaganda Class". Then the monitor introduced in detail the methods and forms of network fraud. Through the study and discussion of specific cases and measures, the students have a better understanding of the main characteristics, harms and preventive measures of campus ‘Internet fraud’.


In October, Cuiying Honors College held a student seminar in Guanyun Building. Pro Vice President, Executive Dean, Prof. He Deyan, CPC General Secretary MS. Huang Haifeng, Vice Dean Wang Yongren, CPC Vice Secretary Shang Sheng, Office Director Fang Yan, Head of International Exchange Affairs Departmant Du Yanxia, Counselor Li Zhaojun, Teaching Secretary Yang Jiaxin attended the forum. At the meeting, the leading teacher of the college introduced the current situation of campus online fraud, reminding students to establish safety awareness, enhance their ability to distinguish, and prevent various forms of online fraud. In suspicious situations, they should seek parents, counselors, teachers and classmates for advice, and report to the police immediately.


Through the development of the security education activities of ‘Preventing Internet Fraud’ in the past month, not only the students' awareness of safety and self-protection have been improved, but also the students have mastered the necessary anti-fraud skills and achieved very good educational results.

(Translated by He Yipeng, proofread by Bian Yujing and Li Shuowen.)

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