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​Cuiying Honors College Youth League Committee held a meeting to report on the work of the Communist Youth League

Author: Time:2020-12-04

On December 3, the work assessment and debriefing meeting of the Youth League Committee of Cuiying Honors College was held in the 802 classroom of Guanyun Building. Li Zhaogun, secretary of the Youth League Committee of the college, part-time counselor Xian Lili, the head of each class league branch and representatives of league members attended the meeting.

The secretary of each class league branch reported the work of this year and summarized the work from the aspects of league branch construction, daily management of league members, branch activities, system implementation, league members'demonstration role and league members'evaluation. After the defense, the representatives of the league members scored the work of each branch, which is an important basis for the "bench marking and grading" of each branch. The leaders of each branch worked conscientiously and diligently, and received applause during the presentation.


Zhang Wenyue, secretary of the 17 Humanities Cuiying class, presented his work.

Finally, secretary of the Youth League Committee Li Zhaogun made a concluding speech and gave full affirmation to the work of each branch, and put forward hopes and requirements for the next work.


(Translated by Li Zeyang;proofread by Shu Rongyu)

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