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CuiYing Honors College conducted a guidance of academic competitions

Author: Time:2021-03-19

To encourage students to participate in academic competitions likeThe ChallengeCup, China College Students’‘Internet +’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, China College Students’ Entrepreneurship Competitionetc. In March 18th, Zhang Jiachi, the professor of School of Physical Science and Technology was invited to give a lecture on “Innovation and Entrepreneurship of College Students” at classroom 813 in Guanyun building. Vice Dean Wang Yongren, together with CPC Vice Secretary Shang Sheng and all the class of 2019 students attended the lecture.


In the beginning of lecture, Pro. Zhang pointed out the problem that China College students are lack of consciousness of innovation and entrepreneurship and then he explained the meanings and purposes to participate innovation and entrepreneurship training through several examples. Then he gave a full introduction and guidance about innovation and entrepreneurship, and introduced the competitions likeThe ChallengeCupin detail, and encouraged the students to participate. Later he answered the students’ doubts and problems on competitions.


Vice Dean Wang Yongren introduced relevant policies and list of subsidize on competitions and gave a brief introduction on these competitions.

In March 11th, a special guidance was held for students who took part inThe ChallengeCup, China College Students’ ‘Internet +’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.Vice Dean Wang Yongren tutored students from three aspects: what is the challenge cup, why should us to participate in the challenge cup and how to participate in the challenge cup. In the one hand Dean Wang Yongren encouraged students in the other hand from the project application, concise innovation, text writing and specification, seek expert recommendation, play the role of instructor and other aspects Vice Dean Wang Yongren provided students with many opinions and suggestions.

(Translated by Lai Baojun; Proofread by Jia Shengyi)

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