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Teachers and Students of Cuiying Honors College of Lanzhou University Participated in the "Academic Exchange Month" of Hongyi Honor College of Wuhan University

Author: Time:2021-04-16

Recently, at the invitation of Wuhan University, some teachers and students from Cuiying Honors College went to Wuhan University to participate in the fifth "Academic Exchange Month" of Hongyi Honor College. Zhaojun Li, Secretary of Student Affairs Office, Jiaxin Yang, Secretary of Teaching Affairs office, and 21 students attended the exchange and award ceremony.

In the morning, the award ceremony was held in the lecture hall of the new library of Wuhan University College of Arts and Sciences. Ouyang Zewei of Cuiying won the first prize, Yang Guokun, Zhang Jingzhou, Liu Jiayuan, Li Yongkang and Xu Yingte won the second prize, and Ma Yeping, Lin Jiaxin, Fu Shuo and Liu Fengyi won the third prize. Ouyang Zewei made a keynote speech at the meeting, presenting the research of his thesis and outlook, which won a burst of applause. In the afternoon, each session exchanged research topics and research methods on topics such as "Interesting and deep research problems" and "The intelligent era of Internet of everything", and gained a deeper understanding of the research process and problem solving. They expressed that, as students of basic disciplines, scientific research requires perseverance and systematic training, growth through trial and error, and progress through failure.


Cuiying Honors College Students' Research Achievements Awarded

According to Ouyang Zewei, "The major universities in attendance are all experimenting with interdisciplinary education. I hope that in the future, our generation can break the barriers and shackles and examine ourselves in the convergence of the eyes of different disciplines for a breakthrough."

Xu Yingte has already gained a certain theoretical foundation in the field of quantum computing based on his training in group meetings and presentations in the past year, and this time he was invited to speak in the session "The Smart Era of Internet of Everything", which further convinced him that he could go farther in this direction.

As the training platform of the "Program for Cultivating Students at the Top of the Foundation", both Lanzhou University's Cuiying Honors College and Wuhan University's Hongyi Honor College insist on cultivating academic talents, featuring the academy system and mentorship, and are committed to providing students with interdisciplinary learning and academic training in the general education. This event is a valuable exchange experience between the two universities, which will have a positive effect on our students to expand their research horizons and strengthen their initial intention to engage in basic discipline research.

(Translated by Li Zeyang;Proofread by Shu Rongyu)

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