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Cuiying Honors College organized the 2017 Humanities Cuiying Honors Class to carry out teaching practice

Author: Time:2021-05-13

From May 5th to May 11th, Cuiying Honors College's 2017 Humanities Cuiying Class went to Dunhuang City, Jiuquan City, Zhangye City, Wuwei City, Gansu Province, and Guyuan City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region for teaching internships, and organized student party members and party memberships. Activists went to the West Road Army Memorial Hall in Gaotai County and the Red Army Long March Memorial Site in Liupan Mountain, Guyuan City to carry out party history study and practice activities.

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The exquisite and colorful murals and lifelike sculptures in Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes, Yulin Grottoes, Tiantishan Grottoes, and Xumishan Grottoes reflect the harmonious coexistence of Buddhist culture, Confucianism and Taoism, and reproduce the ancient Silk Road for students A historical picture of the blending of China and the West, and the coexistence of the United States and the United States. The magnificent buildings of Yumen Pass, the Great Wall of Han Dynasty and Jiayu Pass reproduce the situation of the frontier fortresses of yesterday's desert with lonely smoke and iron horses. The fresco tombs of the Wei and Jin Dynasties and the Leitai Han Tomb made the students truly appreciate the ancient tomb system and architectural structure. During the on-site observation of the tomb, the knowledge learned in the books quickly combined with the experience of field investigation and understanding, and the result was a lively and vivid lesson. Extensive "archaeology" class. In Zhangye Dafo Temple and Horseshoe Temple, the students experienced the artistic wonders of "Snowland Tantric". In addition, there are museums and Confucian temples in various places that also allow students to increase their knowledge during the visit and feel the profound sense of history brought by cultural heritage.

At the West Road Army Memorial Hall in Gaotai County and the Red Army Long March Memorial Site in Liupan Mountain, Guyuan City, the party history study and practice activities were carried out by revisiting the party oath, learning the heroic deeds of revolutionary martyrs, and remembering the martyrs. During the event, there were scenes, scenes, vivid images, and moving heroic deeds. Party members and activists who joined the party deeply realized the arduousness of our party and our army on the Long March and the revolutionary ancestors who were not afraid of sacrifices and insisted on their ideals and beliefs. The spirit, I felt the Communists’ardor and enthusiasm, sublimated the ideological and spiritual connotation of this practical teaching internship, and cultivated the students’home country feelings and mission.


The teaching practice in just one week is extremely rich in content, with a long journey spanning thousands of kilometers, and the times stretch to appreciate the elegance of ancient and modern millennia. Reading thousands of books, traveling thousands of miles, learning in practice, and comprehension in learning. This is a learning method every student should have, and it is also a good experience for contemporary enthusiastic youth to expand their quality.

(Translated by Fu Yin;proofread by Yang Jieyin.)

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