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Cuiying Honors College participated in the 6th cheerleading competition of Lanzhou University

Author: Time:2021-05-21


On May 20th, the 6thcheerleading competition of Lanzhou University was held in Wenxin building, Yuzhong campus. The theme of the competition is For the centennial birthday of the Communist Party of China, dancing youth.The representative team of Cuiying Honors college performed self-made cheerleading and showed a good spirit of top students.

Figure 1. Performance of stage

During the competition, along with the song melody ofkiss the sky, the team members appeared on the stage in bright orange cheerleading clothes, which immediately ignited the atmosphere of the whole venue. The cheerful dance steps, the changing formation and the smiles on the players'faces attracted bursts of applause. The difficult movements at the end of the performance were even more impressive. Finally, Cuiying Honors college scored 8.133 points.

Figure 2. Performance of stage

Time is tight and the task is heavy. In order to achieve the best performance effect, 20 team members overcame various difficulties and used their spare time to train for nearly 2 months. The competition deepened the feelings among the students, enriched their after-school life and improved their physical quality. Everyone felt that they had gained a lot.

Figure 3. Group photo of team members after the game

(Translated by Lai Baojun, Proofread by Jia Shengyi)

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