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Casual Notes These Days

Author: Time:2018-09-03

Casual Notes These Days

Shuting Kong    2016 mathematics cuiying class




This is the fifth day I stay in Berkeley, and I start to adapt to the situation here —— clean and quiet streets, great areas of vegetation, various colorful flowers, warm sunshine which is a little dazzling, and cute squarriels and the caw of corbies can be seen and heard everywhere.


Also, people here are quite friendly and helpful. When I meet somebody in the morning, he or she will say 'good morning' or 'hello' to you; when I am in trouble, they will give you an aid without any hesitation if you ask for a help. If we do not feel the enthusiam of the residents, that is because we do not start a conversation initiatively.



As I keep swaping my courses all the time, I haven't felt the teaching style of


the professors in Berkeley. However, I have to say that the campus is perfectly suitable for studying due to silent atmosphere everywhere and a little cold air-conditioning. What is the most significant, the libraries here are full of precious books so that I want to spend most of my summer time just in the library.




At last, I would like to talk about a building —— Evans Hall, which is the only hall I can arrive at without GPS after just one arrival. Unlike other halls, this one appears common design and plain color. The reason for its hardly outstanding appearance I imagine is that the mathematicians here are too concentrated on their study to care about where they study. Right, Evans Hall is a building for mathematics and statistics department, which I fall in love with.





Written in Davidson Hall, Berkeley









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