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Cuiying Honors College's summer semester of 2018 successfully ended with proper Leading by the top-notch teachers and personal training

Author: Time:2018-09-07

From July 23 to August 17, 2018, the four-week summer semester of Cuiying Honors College was successfully completed. This summer semester mainly covers three parts: the course teaching and social practice of the 2017 pre-admitted students, Part of the 2015 and 2016 students going to a high-level university abroad to partake in summer school or research practice and the influential figures visiting Cuiying Honors College expressing their concern. The details are as follows.

The first impressive matter is the colorful courses and students willingness to talk with teachers from prestigious universities about the topics they obsessed with. For example, we Invited 22 experts and scholars from well-known universities and research institutes such as Peking University, Fudan University, Zhongshan University, Zhejiang University, and Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Secondly, it is the abundant exchange experience that musters up our courage to learn from the excellent students. During the summer semester, 49 students were selected to attend the University of California at Berkeley, Georgia State University, Uppsala University, Sweden, and Hong Kong University to participate in summer programs for professional courses and cultural studies. In addition, some students participated in summer research internships held by well-known foreign universities and research institutes, such as the 2015-level chemical extraction class Ma Zongwei went to the University of Virginia to participate in summer research projects, and the 2016-level physical collection class Chen Minzhang went to the National University of Singapore to participate Summer research practice, 2016-level chemical extraction class Guo Xuyang went to the University of California at Berkeley to conduct research projects in the Institute of Chemistry.

Finally, Academician Yan Chunhua, President of Lanzhou University and Dean of Cuiying Honors College, met with Professor McGill of Canada, Professor of the Royal Academy of Sciences, Li Chaojun of the Royal Academy of Sciences, Professor Christiane of Uppsala University, Sweden, and Professor Liu Wensuo of Zhongshan University. They carefully inquired about the teaching work in the college and listened to their advice on the teaching of the college curriculum. Vice President and Executive Vice President of Cuiying Honors College Pan Baotian visited the Cuiying Honors College many times to know about the progress of the summer semester.



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