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Photo time:

Author: Time:2018-07-13

Photo time: 8:00 a.m in May 24, 2018

Photo site: in front of the gate of the Yifu Science Museum

Photo process: first photograph of students with a degree suit (Collective photo - Math class - Physical Class - Chemical class - Biological Class - Humanities class), and then photos of students with casual clothes (Math class - Physical Class - Chemical class - Biological Class - Humanities class - Collective photo)

Matters needing attention:

1. All the students set up at 7:40, arrange four columns (High in the middle, low on both sides, and three rows of boys and girls in a row of girls), wearing a degree suit and waiting at the north side of the y Yifu science Museum.

2. After taking a group photo, each class is supposed to be lined up in two columns (High in the middle, low on both sides) at the north side of the Yifu Science Museum. While photoing, students get on from the north side and get down from the south side.

3. Each class’s monitor is responsible for inviting academic tutors and teachers to attend this activity.

Dressing requirements:

1. When wearing a trencher cap, the position of the opening of the hat is placed in the middle of the head, and the hat is parallel to the eye of the wearing person.

2. The fringes hang on the top of the cap, and hang down the brim on the left front side of the wearing cap.

3. Students should wear a robe naturally and no other clothing should be put on outside the robe.

4. Drop clothing is worn outside the robe of the academic robe, the head is draped over the shoulders, the shoulders are padded, the buttons are buckled on the top buttons of the academic robes, and the triangular pockets hang behind their backs.

5. All the students are simple and generous in their casual clothes.

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