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Academic Lecture Series(65)

Author: Time:2020-09-21

The 4th :Innovationforum of School of Physical science and Technology in 2020——Lecture by Prof. Liu Yuxin

At the invitation of School of Physical Science and Technology, Cuiying Honors College and Theoretical Physical exchange platform, Professor Liu Yuxin from Peking University will give an academic lecture. All teachers and students are welcome to attend.

Lecturer: Professor Liu Yuxin

Topic: The evolution of strongly interacting matter in the early universe

Time: September 23rd, 2020,15:00

Location: Gezhi Building, 3005 

                                                          Cuiying Honors College

                                                           September 21th, 2020

(Translated by Lai Baojun; proofread by Jia Shengyi)

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