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Academic Lecture Series(111)

Author: Time:2021-03-15

At the invitation of Cuiying Honors College , Professor Zhang Jiachi from the School of Physics and Technology of Lanzhou University came to our college to give a report. Teachers and students are welcome to participate.

Report title: College Students and Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Time: 2021-3-18, 15:00

Location: Room 813 in Guanyun Building


Zhang Jiachi, a model for teacher ethics, a model for teaching, and an instructor for employment and entrepreneurship in Gansu Province, is currently a professor and PhD supervisor in the School of Physics of Lanzhou University. He lectured on 5 courses including the national first-class gold course "Liberal Arts Physics", the provincial double entrepreneurship gold course "Talking about Entrepreneurship", "Entrepreneurship Practice", etc., edited 3 textbooks; undertook 8 provincial and ministerial projects, published SCI area 1 papers 30 articles, won 8 Chinese invention patents, 6 provincial and ministerial scientific research awards, guided 6 college student start-ups, and guided the team to participate in the national "Internet +", "Challenge Cup", "Creating Youth" and other double innovation competitions to win the national competition There are 3 gold awards, 3 silver awards, and nearly 30 provincial awards.

(Translated by Heyipeng, proofread by Bian Yujing and Li Shuowen)

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