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Cuiying Honors College Successfully held the Fun Sports Meeting

Author: Time:2018-10-25

Cuiying Honors College Successfully held the Fun Sports Meeting

Aiming to strength students’ body, steel and temper their personality, forge will and establish the concept of health first, Cuiying Honors College held 2018’s Fun Sports Meeting on Oct 14th at the sports field of Medical Campus. He Deyan,President’s assistant and Executive dean of Cuiying Honors college、Huang Haifeng, party secretary attended the meeting.

The sports meeting included TUG of War, penalty shoot-out, fun relay, rope jumping, and brand-torn war. Games  were a great combination of interest and competitive spirit. The athletes were fighting passionately, showing our  young and vigor of youth. In the competition, students work together. Even if there were some mistakes, they also  encouraged each other. The attendance of teachers pushed the meeting to an upsurge.

The Sport Meeting meeting not only shortens the distance between classmates, but also adds a beautiful landscape for the quiet campus, promotes the teachers and students to enhance the friendship in the close contact, and promotes the implementation of three walks into the work of the college.Athletes compete in a warm atmosphere and successfully complete all the events.Finally, the sports meeting ended smoothly in the laughter of teachers and students.

                                                                     Translated by Guokun Yang

                                                                     Proofread by Ningran Wu

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