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The launching of 110th anniversary of Lanzhou University

Author: Time:2018-09-20

The launching of 110th anniversary of Lanzhou University

On the morning of September 17, 2018, it was the 109th birthday of Lanzhou University, the launching ceremony  of Lanzhou University’s 110th anniversary was grandly held in the students’ auditorium at Chengguan Campus. This ceremony was titled “sticking and struggling”, aiming at reviewing the development of LZU, telling the tale of LZU, manifesting the spirit of LZU and outlooking the future of LZU.

Yuan Zhanting, Party secretary of Lanzhou University, expressed that people studying and working in Lanzhou University would hold the ambitious goal, brave the wind and the waves, create the chances and make Lanzhou University greater again.

Yan Chunhua, President of Lanzhou University, showed great respect to the present guests via VCR. He also denoted that the 110th anniversary is a significant pitch point when Lanzhou University steps into the group of double-first-class colleges and universities. Additionally, he advocated us to carry forward Lanzhou University’s spirit, which contains constantly strive to become stronger, present with all respect, and innovate forth new thoughts.

On the ceremony, Prof. Wang Weiping, Prof. Liu Guizhen, Undergraduate Mao Jing and Bai Jie preformed original  poem people in Lanzhou University heading to future, reviewing the history of Lanzhou University, honoring the hard-work of LZUers.

Video clip the chapter of abidance showed the stories of Liu Bing, former part secretary, Hu Zhide, Lanzhou University’s former president, Ren Jizhou, academician of CAE (Chinese Academy of Engineering), Liu Mingting, world  famous expert of desert, Lin Jiaying, old professor at college of Literature and Ren Dengxian, expert in the first hospital of Lanzhou University.The chapter of struggle showed the tales of school fellows like Gou Xiaohua、 Wang Wen、Wu Zhixiang and Tan Qi.

Wherever you are, your alma mater is still waiting for you.Pupils from primary school affiliated to Lanzhou University read out A letter home to global LZUers,summoning school fellows come back school to attend the anniver-sary.

Alumni associations from all over China sent benedictions to celebrate the birthday of LZU as well.

Meanwhile, Gansu bank co., LTD., bank of China co., LTD., Gansu provincial branch and Gansu distant love found-ation, the 86th medical alumni Jin Xingyi donated 19.6 million yuan to LZU. Lanzhou University conferred the title of "public welfare unit" of Lanzhou University to Gansu bank co., LTD., bank of China co., LTD. Gansu branch, Zhejiang Guocheng holdings co., LTD., Jiangsu Haosen pharmaceutical group co., LTD., Lu’nan pharmaceutical group, etc., and conferred the title of "public welfare ambassador" of Lanzhou University of alumni Jin Xingyi.

Representative of alumni, the old leaders, staff representative, student representatives and others attended    the launching ceremony.


(Translated by Yang Guokun)

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