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Vice president of Chongqing University investigated Top-Notch Undergraduate Training Program

Author: Time:2019-03-08

March 7th morning, Liao Ruijin, Vice president of Chongqing University, invited our Lanzhou University to investigate the current information of Top-Notch Undergraduate Training Program. Pan Baotian, vice president of Lanzhou University, He Deyan, executive dean of Cuiying Honors College, attended the meeting.

Pan declared that LZU has many common things with CQU, for they are both western Universities. He suggested they shall communicate more frequently for mutual improvement.

Liao briefly introduced the basic situation of Chongqing University, the preponderant characteristic subjects and the general situation of Hongshen College. He hoped to exchange experience with Lanzhou University in "double-first-class" program, discipline development and top-notch student training, so as to promote mutual development.

(Translator: Yang Guokun;edited by Du Yanxia)

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