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Lecture on "Blockchain and Its Applications"

Author: Time:2019-11-14

On the evening of November 12, 2019, at the invitation of Cuiying Honors College, Professor Zhou Qingguo from the School of Information Science and Engineering of Lanzhou University gave alecturetitled “Blockchain and Its Application” in the lecture hall of 813 in Guanyun Building. Wang Yongren, vice president of the college, presided over the lecture.

At the lecture, Professor Zhou Qingguo introduced the contents of the blockchain to the students in terms of the basic knowledge, core technology and application scenarios of the blockchain.

Through this report, the students deepened their understanding of blockchain and blockchain technology and broadened their horizons. During the lecture, the students also interacted with Professor Zhou Qingguo and his team on the application of blockchain technology.

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