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The successful end of friendly basketball match

Author: Time:2019-11-15

In order to enhance the students' physical fitness and enrich the students' after-school life, on November 14, 2019, the Sunshine Sports Month Basketball Friendship Match of the CuiyingHonorsCollege were held at the basketball court of Chengguan West Campus. The teachers and students of CuiyingHonorsCollege watched the competition. After the preliminary and semi-final competitions, the athletes of the Biology class and the Chemistry class stood out and entered the fierce battle for the championship.

In the end, the Biology class won the championship with a 40-37 victory over the chemical class. And at the same time, the physical class won the third place by defeating the mathematics class with a score of 30 to 26.

After the game, the players on the field shook hands and greeted each other, fully embodying the sports spirit of "friendship first, competition second". This basketball game provides a good platform for communication between teachers and students, and closes the exchanges between the classes, deepens the friendship between teachers and students, and conveys the spirit of happy sports.

(Translated by:Tang Yao;edited by;Du Yanxia)

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