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The first top student award fund selection activity

Author: Time:2020-01-06

On November 28th, the first selection of top students' reward fund selection activity was held on the 8th floor of Guanyun Building. Huang Haifeng, Secretary of the Party Branch of Cuiying Honors College, all the faculty members and student judges of the college attended the event. Forty-four students who applied for the top student award fund participated in the defense.

During the on-site selection, the students reported and demonstrated their activities and achievements in the past year. The review team voted on the spot and finally selected a total of 20 outstanding pacesetters. The judging panel are composed by teacher and students together.

In order to improve the comprehensive quality and innovation ability, and cultivate outstanding and innovative talents, Cuiying Honors College has established a top-notch student award fund based on the alumni donation fund. Through the selection of pacesetters, the selection of advanced models in various aspects will encourage students to learn from advanced models and promote the overall development of students.

(Translated by: Tang Yao;proofread by:Du Yanxia)

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