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Admissions Promotion Activities

Author: Time:2019-12-21

From November 12th to November 20th, 2019, Professor He Deyan, Executive Dean of Cuiying College of Lanzhou University, led the Cuiying Honors College preaching mission to Lanzhou University Affiliated Middle School, Northwest Normal University Affiliated Middle School, and Lanzhou 51st Middle School and took out "Talent Program", Lanzhou University Admissions Announcement, and "Science Popularization into Middle School" activities.

Professor He explained the research and application of the 2019 Nobel Chemistry Prize and the research and application of lithium-ion batteries in a simple way. He introduced the implementation of Lanzhou University's "Excellence Program" for middle school students and the implementation of national top-notch students.

Through this activity, the connection with the excellent high school student bases in the province have been strengthened, which is of great significance for expanding the impact of Lanzhou University admissions promotion and consolidating and improving the quality of Lanzhou university student sources.

(Translated by:Tang Yao; proofread by:Du Yanxia)

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