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The faculty and students gathered to take online lesson about China’s fight against COVID-19

Author: Time:2020-10-25

In order to vigorously carry forward the great spirit of China’s fight against COVID-19 and further guide the majority of teachers and students to strengthen the confidence in the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, as an innovation to carry out ideological and political theory class teaching, on the afternoon of October 23, CHC organized teachers and students to watch an online lesson.

They combined their own experiences with an in-depth analysis of the remarkable advantages of the leadership of the Communist Party of China and the socialist system with Chinese characteristics in the prevention and control of the epidemic, vividly demonstrating the spirit of unity and courage of the whole country.

Through this lesson, teachers and students earnestly understood the embodiment of the Chinese spirit and speed in epidemic prevention, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the whole country is united to fight against the epidemic, which is a powerful interpretation of "the centralized and unified leadership of the Party" and "concentrating efforts on major events".

Through this lesson, teachers and students deeply appreciate the institutional advantages of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The students have expressed to combine the theoretical knowledge with the practical test in the future, to be a responsible and dedicated college student.

(Translated by Jia Shengyi, proofread by Lai Baojun )

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