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the Chemical Students from Cuiying Honors College Launched Experience Exchange Activity

Author: Time:2018-07-13

On the afternoon of May 13, 2015, our institute conducted an overseas experience exchange program for all classmates of the 2012 and 2013 chemical extraction classes in Guanyun Building 813. In the 2014 academic year, Wen Jingqiang and Yin Fangjie of the 2011 chemical Cuiying Honors College at the University of Ottawa, Canada exchanged relevant reports. Mr. Chen Yanghong and Teacher Fiona Luke of the International Education Cooperation Office of Cui Ying College participated in the event.

Firstly, Jing Wenqiang explained the contents of the experimental course during the exchanges at the University of Ottawa, and also compared the different requirements of the experimental courses at home and abroad, which caused the students' curiosity and discussion. Afterwards, Yin Fangjie’s student combined his experiences and feelings during the exchange of the University of Hong Kong and made a report entitled “One Year in Canada”, focusing on the different characteristics of the different courses he had chosen and recommending it to the teachers and classmates. Yamato's high-quality, highly efficient educational administration system. In the end, the students discussed further on the contents of the report and the seniors.

Through this exchange activity, classmates at grades 13 and 13 of chemical Cuiying Honors College have a deeper understanding of the exchange programs and experiences they have gained from overseas. This will help the students to make wise choices that are more suitable for themselves.

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