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Stressful but fulfilling experience in UC Berkeley

Author: Time:2019-07-14

Hi, I’m Sirui Wu, major in physics.

Learning in Berkeley is quite stressful but fulfilling. I take part in two courses. One is Selected Topic in Astronomy, which is mainly based on programming in python. The other one is Emotional Intelligence. In the beginning, I think the classes might be easy for me, because I have read many books in astronomy and psychology before. Actually, I am wrong. The astronomy course is more based on programming, and is not required to know difficult concept or formula in astronomy, which is unexpected. I have learnt little about programming. The astronomy course asks me to do good in data processing, especially draw some beautiful statistical graphs. It’s really a tough work. I think if this course open in Lanzhou University, it will be cost at least 1 semester, but I have to get a good command of the course in just 6 weeks. The courses Emotional Intelligence might be as difficult as the astronomy’s one. The teacher speaks very fast. I could hardly fully understand what she is talking about. There are so many papers or documents which are recommended by the teacher to read. Roughly speaking, I have to read more than a hundreds pages every week. Although the courses I choose are difficult, I gain much knowledge in these courses.




Besides learning, I spare my time fitness room, where I can continue my running training, because in December I will participate in Universities 100 Miles Relay Final as a member of Lanzhou University. The facility in the fitness room is pretty good. I run an average of 10km per day. And I get to know a lot of friends who love sports. It’s interesting to make friends with foreigners.

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