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Berkeley impressions--Guo Yifan & Zhang Chuyu

Author: Time:2019-07-31

The first time I saw Berkeley's campus was late at night. I didn't signed in the dormitory until 2 am, and then started the class the next morning. What's more, I had to get jet lag for the first time so I felt a lot of pressure both physically and psychologically.

To tell the truth, I didn't really adapt at the beginning of this exchange program. The teacher spoke so fast in English that I felt difficulty following his lecture. The strange Chinese food in the dining hall also made me feel awkward but I haven't got used to the Western sandwiches and pizzas. Therefore, I had to find something to eat around school. In short, The first week is still a week of adjustment.

Fortunately, as time went by, I became accustomed to sandwiches and pizzas, and the variety of food in the cafeteria also opened my eyes. The rhythm of the teacher's class is getting more and more adapted, and life is slowly getting on the right track.

The most profound impression left on me here is freedom. Everyone can freely do what they want to do without paying attention to other people's opinions. They can freely wear what they want to wear or they feel comfortable on street. They can be free to question or be present in class. They can freely select and mix the multiple ingredients offered in canteens or restaurants. They can freely think and express their own ideas. Everything here is to encourage people to take life according to their own ideas and make themselves happy. This is a point that I really appreciate and very yearning for.

Besides, the scenery around is very beautiful and many lawns and trees distribute everywhere of the campus. So the environment is very clean and comfortable. It's a cozy thing that lying on the lawn with eye closed and enjoying the peace of nature.

As for learning, I feel that the learning atmosphere here is different from the domestic atmosphere. Here, UCB uses a website called bCourse to post all course information, homework, and assignments to it. It is convenient for the teacher to correct the homework and pay attention to the progress of the students. The students can also clearly know the teacher's future teaching schedule. The homework is almost corrected immediately after the assignment, and it is possible to promptly check for vacancies in places that are not in the classroom. The teacher is only a mentor, and he teaches a part of the class, but he will arrange a lot of reading materials for everyone to read and increase their knowledge.

There are often academic parties held here. I used to attend an astronomical evening one night, and this evening welcomed everyone around Berkeley. I saw both the old man with white hair and the child who was babbling. In this party, a doctor introduced the basic knowledge of astronomy and the progress of astronomy. Then take everyone to the top floor and use astronomical telescopes to watch the stars. The most impressive thing is that there is a child who is probably not in elementary school. He asked the doctor in a tender English. "Why do we live in the four-dimensional space?" The spirit of science is a very important spirit in Berkeley. No matter what profession, no matter what industry, whether it is a student or not, you can come here to listen to lectures and participate in activities.

This is university of California, Berkeley. An open,free, and inclusive community.

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