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Activities to Celebrate National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival in Cuiying Honors College of Lanzhou University

Author: Time:2020-10-03

Cuiying Honors College organized students to watch a movie called My Motherland and Me to arouse students’patriotism on the National Day.



During the festival,the college held a gala to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Day, including series of activities such as dancing, games, dramas,etc. Teachers and students shared happiness together at the hall of the 8th floor in Guanyun Building.


The gala began with the song calledHow You Like That.Meet by Chance,You are a Song in My Heart and After Thatshows our emotions.Havoc in Heaven pulled the atmosphere of gala to a high tide. Songs called Miss. Dong,Red Rose,Little Luckyare the arena of basses. The instrumental performance of three students brought us out of the hall and forward to Lake Baikal to feel the quiet lake and beautiful scenery.





Biology class and humanity class of Grade 2019 brought us a chorus called May we all be blessed with longevity, sharing warmth and love with us.At the end,The gala ended up with songs of deep love.



(Translated by Zhang Jingzhou,proofread by Zhang Zilong)

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