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Academic Lecture Series(67)

Author: Time:2020-09-27

The professor of of Fu Jian Normal University, Huang Xinyi will be invited to visit our school and hold an academic report. Welcome all teachers and students present in the lecture!

Report title: Password Security


Location: Room 801 in Guanyun Building


Sort data of unsafe password settings and habits by analyzing over one hundred million Internet users' passwords in reality and discuss safe and useful ways of setting password.

Expert introduction:

Huang Xinyi, professor, doctoral supervisor and vice dean of Fujian Normal University, has been doing the research of digital signature, authentication and so on for a long time. His research achievement was awarded the first prize for the Ministry of Education natural science research (ranged as the 3rd person); Served as director of the institute of China's password, journal editor ofthe password, young editor ofChina Science: Information Science, AsiaCCS2016 academic conference chairman; voted in the Ministry of Education of the youth of the Yangtze river scholars and "one hundred plan" in Fu Jian province, awarded by the national natural science foundation of outstanding youth science fund project.

                                                                 College of Mathematics and Statistics

                                                                 College of Information Science and Engineering

                                                                 Cuiying Honors College school

                                                                               September 27, 2020

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