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Academic Lecture Series(68)

Author: Time:2020-10-10

Prof Jing Haifeng from Shen Zhen University was invited to visit our school and hold an academic report. Welcome all teachers and students present in the lecture!

Report title: Confucianism and Its Explanation


Location: Room 813 in Guanyun Building


The major content are shown as followed:Confucianism is rooted in the "six classics", and the formation of the "jing" has gone through a long process. In addition to the complicated history of document collation and assembly, the evolution of concepts has also lasted for a long time and changed repeatedly. The pattern of Confucianism formed after the Han Dynasty became the basic form of Confucianism passed down from generation to generation, and it also constitutes the main content of Confucianism. However, around what Scripture is, how to understand Confucianism, and the specific development of Confucianism, the development of Confucianism experienced After a tortuous and complicated process, it shows incomparable richness and diversity. Among them, the factor of interpretation is extremely important. When there is sutra, there is interpretation. With the compilation of sutras, interpretation has already begun. The spread of sutras and the continuation of meaning are inseparable from interpretation. As the key to the formation and development of Confucianism, hermeneutics has become the basic way of continuation of Confucianism. How to re-understand and interpret the meaning of "Explanation" from the perspective of modern hermeneutics, and discover its deep inner meaning, is one of the important tasks to realize the modern transformation of Confucianism.

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