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The basketball competition of CuiYing Honors College , at “Sunshine Sports Month”

Author: Time:2018-07-13

On November 1st, the final basketball match of CuiYing Honors College was held in Lanzhou University at 14:30 p.m. Xu Pengfei,theexecutive director of the college, Ma Shuchao,thedeputy secretary of the party general branch, Liu Quanshui,the Ministry of physical education and research, andallstudents of various grades in the College, participated in the event.

First of all, therewas acompetitionfighting for third or forthbetween the humanities class and the chemistry class. The competitionwasvery intense, and the two teamswerecatching up with each other. Outside,spectators cheer for the playerswhenever players shot or passed, theywouldhear the applause of the audience. In the end, the humanities class won the third,with the result of34 to 27.

The competitionfighting forthefirst or secondbetween the physics class and the math class was much more exciting. In the first half, the math class opened the situation with a good attack rhythm and made a little lead. But the students in the physics class were not disorganized,theyadjusted in the second half and recovered the score by breaking the ball, winning the math class by 33:31 to become the champion of the basketball match at the end of the game.

At the end of the competition, President Xu Pengfei gave comments and guidance to the basketball match andgavethe award to the team. In today's game, the team memberswerestruggling with sweat and solidarity and helpedeach other to reflect the spirit of struggle, unity and fraternity among our classmates.

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