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The Successful Mountain Competition in Cuiying Honors College

Author: Time:2018-10-30

The Successful Mountain Competition in Cuiying Honors College

On October 21st, a competition was held in Wuquan mountain. The school Finance Department,Personnel Department,Academic Affairs Office, Student Office, the teachers of the college student dormitory,more than 120 teachers and students of the Cuiying Honors College have participated in the event.

In the early morning, the air is moist and fresh, and the teachers and students were full of energy and enthusiasm. After the warm-up exercise, the teachers and students competed in full force, rushing to the front, such as the arrow of the string, rushing to the top of the mountain. The tortuous mountain road is not easy to climb and it is even more difficult to walk because of the accumulation of water, but the team members help each other. After intense competition, all the teams successfully boarded the three cabinets, and the "Star Baby Team" won the championship of this mountaineering competition. Lishan Liu, Director of the Finance Department, Yibo Li, Deputy Director of the Finance Department, Yongren Wang, Deputy Director of the Personnel Department, and Mr. Ankar Jiang, the Student Office, presented souvenirs to the winning team.

This activity has rule out the distance between teachers and students , effectively promoting the implementation of the “three-entry” work of the college, which is beneficial for teachers to enter the life and mind of students, better understand students and serve students.

                      Translated by Shanquan Gui

                      Proofread by Shanquan Gui

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