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Travel far, learn and grow:Dong Yaling

Author: Time:2021-01-04

Half a year's learning experience of Taiwan University seems to unfold fresh scrolls in my youth. The newcomer is ignorant and frightening. With time passing, the accumulation of experience would be easy. In this half of the year, I learned to be alone with myself, accompanied by my roommates, expressing my love with my family, shared with my teachers. The time was not too short, just right, the memory was heavy, and the harvest was full.

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This semester, I chose two courses of Taiwan University, namely, the history of Chinese modern thought of Wu zhanliang, the history of western philosophy of Xu Xueyong, the history of history department, and the inter school course of Taiwan Normal University, the elite and modern China Research of Chen Huifen. Some of these courses reflect the academic attitude of NTVU. First, I can choose different courses to study. Second, I can study in other schools except NTVU. Third, the teachers are very professional and have solid academic foundation. I try my best to treat the classroom and students. The classroom atmosphere was very good. The teacher's guidance is very meticulous, which made me read a lot of books. I learned from a lot of new perspectives, which impacted my original thinking mode.

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In addition to the spiritual enrichment brought by class, the extracurricular lectures also enlivened my thinking. In my spare time, I went to Taiwan Institute of Chinese studies to listen to the lectures of Academician Wang Fansen and Professor Benjamin Elman; I attended the international seminar of new visions about the history of Song held at Tsinghua University in Taiwan, and I had a look at Professor Peter Pao’s demeanor. I was deeply moved by Taiwan's respect for knowledge and culture and the sense of cultural mission of the intellectuals. The academic resources of the university are open to the whole society. All levels of society equally participate in various academic lectures and cultural activities, and obtain relevant materials and lecture materials.

After classes, I often went to libraries and bookstores. In my memory, Taiwan still paid more attention to physical books. There were many bookstores, which brought more opportunities for people to recharge their minds. It was often a half day's leisure in bookstores. Different bookstores had different styles and different kinds of books, which brought me more fun in my spare time.

In fact, learning in Taiwan University also needs to be able to withstand loneliness, because each course needs to invest a lot of energy, teacher Chen Huifen will arrange the reading of designated books every week, upload the experience, report and discuss in class; philosophy course has discussion class every week, think about the content of the course on that day, upload the homework, complete a major homework every month, and cooperate with the mid-term and final examination; Mr. Wu's class will issue a detailed syllabus, which will push us the weekly assigned bibliography, the original reading and suggested bibliography for our preview and review.

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The teachers, students and staff of NTU are very friendly, patiently helping me to complete various affairs; the dormitory counselors are also responsible for their duties. At the end of the mid-term period, they will give out the review night, Christmas gifts and Winter solstice Tangyuan, so that we can feel the warmth of being concerned. I would like to extend the warmth, improve my self-cultivation, and help everyone around me to the best of my ability.


Traveling in the classroom, in the book, and under my feet, I went to Keelung to feel the beauty of the island, to the Palace Museum to pursue the history of heaven and man, and to the streets to feel the ordinary people's streets. Even on rainy days, I sweated like rain in the dormitory gym to keep fit. In this half year, I know that my vision has been broadened a lot, and my understanding of the future has been deepened a lot. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity. I cherish every moment of the present and look forward to the flying struggle in the future. I am full of strength.

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